Friday Spotlight

Here are some Friday favorites from our Flickr group this week!

The first, a colorful homage to the sea by Sara Kelly. I’m loving that wide-open space, and all the bold colors. I can almost taste that sea air! Being here in Florida, the ocean is a familiar site and it’s easy enough to take it for granted. Sara’s words remind me how truly special it is and I personally can’t wait to get out there myself as the days warm up. You can visit Sara’s photostream to view more of her lovely work and get to know her better.

The second lovely image is by Ali Deck. I have to applaud Ali for her exceptional use of low-light and producing another well done dramatic light scheme in her photograph of this little superhero. All using natural light! Ali take beautiful photos of her little men. Take a look at Ali’s photostream to treat your eyes to much more of her fantastic work with low-light and shadows.

Thank you for another great week of your wonderful photos. Invite your contacts to our Flickr group so we can grow and share together! Have a great weekend peeps!

She says the sea obeys her {M4H 8/52 So inspired}

She says the sea obeys her {M4H 8/52 So inspired}
by SaraKellyPhoto {Intrepid Photos}

This is my favorite place in all the world, and it’s probably hers, too. It was mad crazy windy, and there she was, yelling like a crazy person to the waves. The pink, the blue, the brown: I love this photograph. To be inspired is, at its root, to breathe in, to be filled with breath. This place makes me feel that way, and the day I took this, the wind felt like the wind of inspiration.

he emerges from the darkness....

he emerges from the darkness….
by alideck photography


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